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Features that make

your life easier

SaferPass across other platforms

Save your password once and securely access it on all your PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices from Chrome, Safari, and Edge or inside mobile apps. SaferPass is also equipped with offline mode to access your password, in case you do not have internet access. The setup is very easy, it does not matter if you are using a desktop or a smartphone.

Autofilling your information

Upon login, SaferPass can be set up to autofill your sign-in information and passwords. We will save you time and energy by correctly filling in every single field needed. In combination with our password generator, we also create new, stronger passwords, and autofill any account you may need. More...

Secure Me

We also developed an innovative option Secure Me, which allows you to remotely log out of your computer or tablet. Secure Me is a way of completely securing all of your accounts and files. You no longer need to worry about leaving your laptop running or lending it to your coworker. More...

Password generator

Our Password Generator feature eliminates the need for you to create yet another unique password. With one simple click we will generate a secure and unique password for you with as many characters as you choose. More...

Secure Notes

We've made Secure Notes to store and organize any secret - passport numbers, wi-fi settings or e-ID security codes. They are treated the same as passwords, securely encrypted and inaccessible for anyone else. More...

Security Report

Even if you have only a handful of passwords we keep track of their strength so you don't have to. The Security Report will show you when you store a duplicate password or haven't changed one in a long time or what your overall password security score is. More...

Two-Factor Authentication

We highly recommend turning on Two Factor Authentication (or 2FA) for your passwords stored inside SaferPass. From that moment on you will need to have your smartphone to log in - which means no one else can access your passwords just by guessing your Master Password. More...

Breach Reports

Every day a database of personal information including usernames, e-mails, passwords or credit cards is breached. We are monitoring these breaches and your SaferPass will keep you updated if one of your accounts matches a domain on the list of potentially compromised websites so that you are never left vulnerable. More...

Credit cards

Your SaferPass can be set up to auto-fill your payment card details when you shop on-line - the advantage over keeping the card in your pocket is that in SaferPass the numbers never wear off... and nobody can ever steal a saved card from you. More...

30-day trial
Password manager with highest data security
Automatic synchronization and backups
Super strong passwords generator
Secure notes
Offline access and data export
Remote logout from websites
Identity and address management
Account recovery key
Amount of stored accounts Unlimited
Security report
Two-factor authentication
Credit cards management
Password and Credit card sharing (coming soon)
Remotely clear browsing history
Remotely close open browser tabs
Premium support
Account sharing In progress...

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SaferPass helps you securely store your passwords and automatically logs you into all your accounts.

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