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About SaferPass

We created SaferPass because we believe that the online world can be a secure one. Due to the growing concerns in internet safety such as data leaks, identity theft, loss of information and hacking, we created a place where none of this can happen.

Thanks to the combination of talented professionals with more than 15 years of experience plus dedicated, young IT enthusiasts, we were able to create this innovative password solution as we strive to become the leaders in online identity management.

Our values


Our motto is: Quality is the best business plan. Our development team, customer service and all aspects of our products are managed with this in mind.


We all have our information stored with SaferPass and make sure that the highest standards of encryption are met every day.

Company culture

Besides being coworkers, we are also friends. Since not really the sporty types, we bond over quality beer or good coffee.

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SaferPass helps you securely store your passwords and automatically logs you into all your accounts.

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